Road Cruise

Wednesday nights are back, with a twist. The Wednesday Cruise is just that, an easy socially distanced ride in a loosely formed, small group. It's a chance to ride with some familiar faces, chat and enjoy the evening.

The pace will be easy, and groups won't be riding in any particular formation. We'll ride single file two meters apart along busy roads. On quiet stretches two people can ride side by side, taking up the lane, however, careful attention must be paid to traffic from behind. Social distancing has to be maintained, so it is perfect if the ride splits up into twos and threes between stop signs. During the ride we will always regroup on the other side of the next intersection. It is extremely important to stop at least two meters away from other riders.

Expect distances in the range of 40-50 km. The intermediate group will normally go a little longer than the recreational group.


Wednesday evening.


Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School. The group for the each culture meets in a differ part of the Creekside Dr. lot.

  • Creekside Dr. Upper Lot.

  • Creekside Dr. Lower Lot.